Slow start

I’m back at work…glued to my computer. I’m trying to figure out the best way to send bulk mail. I want it to be reliable and not annoying.

So I’ve looked at Constant Contact, Mail Dog and Silver Fox or something like that. I think I’m going to go back to Max Bulk e-mailer as I’ve had good results with it. I just have to work out the bugs. Those spammers are messing us all up.

Mail Dog is calling me tomorrow to walk me through a demo. That should be interesting.

I just signed up for a subscription to so that I can listen to MP3’s of their talks. I never seem to have time for reading so this seemed like a good way to go. I’m having trouble with my iPod, but it’s intermittent so it’s hard to get repaired. I’m going to buy Apple Care for it so that I’m prepared when it dies.

Kris and I have been walking in Hoomaluhia Botanical Park and I’m enjoying the birds. The only thing wrong is that dogs aren’t allowed. It would be so nice if we could walk our dogs in a place without traffic and mean dogs that we don’t have to drive to.


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