First job of the year and zazenkai

Last night we did our first convention/incentive job of the year. We were quite rusty…Kris forgot the bracket for his camera, I brought pens that didn’t work to take names, Jessie packed up the photos for delivery without counting them. Just small things…Jessie and I laughed about it. The job went well and we had a nice pau hana dinner at our favorite restaurant, Tokkuri-tei. More about this place in another entry soon.

Last night the wind was wailing…coming with such force that it shook our walls and windows, scared poor Mocha and Haku. It was unusual in that the winds are not accompanied by rain. It’s just blowing…Hard!

It was a quiet Sunday for me. Zazenkai at the Palolo Zen Center is a day of zazen, zen meditation. The valley is full of the sounds of nature…wind, birds, crickets, geckos.

Kris and I signed up for a yoga class in Kailua taught by Val Hobensack. She is a fantastic instructor. Kris is doing really well and enjoys it. I’m happy for that because yoga will help manage his arthritis.


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