The Great Failure (cont.)

I finished the book in tears. The book’s title is The Great Failure, The Bartender, The Monk, and My Unlikely Path to the Truth. The Bartender is her Dad and the Monk is Katagiri Roshi, her zen teacher. Her honesty about herself and her disillusion about her teacher is amazing. He is the one who said to her, "Don’t worry about writing the truth, It doesn’t hurt people. It helps them." I believe that her intention is to tell her story to help people although she had to reveal some hard-to-accept truths.

She values being accepted for who she is, with the qualities that serve others in meeting their expectations and needs and also with the messy things that others don’t like, don’t want to know, and don’t agree with.

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  1. Teresa Vast said:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Robin — this book looks good and I am ordering it, along with another book by Natalie Goldberg, “The Long Journey Home…” I haven’t read any of her books since Writing Down the Bones, years ago. So glad you called my attention to it.

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