Keith Kubota Seminar

Kris, Jessie and I went to Keith Kubota’s workshop at the Sheraton Waikiki today.  His energy and sense of humor made his presentation entertaining.  His wedding images and images of Tuscany were amazing.  This guy can really see light.  He also has a great marketing sense.

When his class was advertised, I saw that he was giving away Photoshop actions.  I thought they would be simple actions and turn out to be just a ploy to get people to sign up for his class.  I was wrong.  The CD of actions are time-saving and well orchestrated for professional photographers who want to make the most of their production time.

Here’s a link to his site:

Keith showed us some photos he took using a lens that had a "sweet" spot for selective focusing.  With that we can all shoot like Keith Carter.

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  1. Mike Fukuda said:

    Learned of your blog at the photo group meeting (Neil and Pat at Kaimuki Camera gave me a flier)…you gave a great talk. I am new to photography, and unfortunately most of the meeting was over my head.
    I just purchased Kevin Kubota’s artistic actions, and will use it for the photos I am taking of a Native Hawaiian lomi lomi group. I am impressed with his actions to convert color to bw.

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