Flying Dutchman

I love opera.  I rarely understand it and I would never be able to put into words what I love about it.  There’s something about the stage, the singing, the audience, the orchestra.  It’s singing about life…

Kris took me to see the Flying Dutchman by Wagner for my birthday and it was such a special night.  I love people watching and the music and drama.

Here’s a little about it:

"According to legend, the Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship that can never go home, but must wander the ocean forever.  The Flying Dutchman is usually spotted from afar, sometimes glowing with ghostly light.  If she is hailed by another ship, her crew will often try to send messages to land to people long since dead." 

This is from wikipedia, a great internet source of information.  I love it!


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