What a great Sunday

Today was a perfect day.

It began with a walk and talk with Ginger.  We’re trying to make a commitment to exercise and we’re walking before zazen usually on Wednesday evening.  We missed Wednesday so we walked today.  The Palolo Zen Center is at the end of Waiomao Road in Palolo Valley and our walk is through a residential area.

After our walk zazen.  Michael, our teacher, was back from a ski trip and it was wonderful to see him back.

Then I had a massage.  Laurie Steelsmith, the naturapath I see recommended Jennifer Parry to work on a hip I’ve had problems with for a while.  I feel confident that with accupunture, massage and yoga my hip will be well again.

I went on to see Matt, the stylist I’ve been seeing for years.  He’s the greatest guy.  We talk about his three boys:  the Gallagher boys.  He’s raising an Irish clan.  Bye, bye gray hair.

I ended that day at yoga class in Kailua.  I have the best yoga teacher, Val Hobensack.  She teaches at the Silent Dance Center and in her home.

Yes…what a wonderful day it was.


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