Another day at the Four Seasons

Here’s is a funny story from a friend who works in banquets at the Four Seasons.  If you’re in our crazy industry, you’ve met this client.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent:

"’Our favorite client’ is getting settled in.  Right now their staff is in
house  and they are unbelievably nitpicky.  They sent a resume ahead of
them dictating that the servers earrings should be no bigger than a
quarter, no dangles, hair must be in a bun, braid etc, nail polish must
be neutral, uniforms pressed, no unbuttoned buttons, the list goes on.
Basically, most of those rules are our normal standards anyway….so
not a huge deal….guess we are just a little put off that they are
dictating their standards to a five diamond hotel!!!  one of the things
they mentioned was that all servers shoes must be shined and in good
condition.  Well, because we are in the process of getting new uniforms
and will be changing the color of our morning shoes, my boss has told
me to hold off on buying new morning shoes for awhile ($90 shoes!) so
she came to me this morning and suggested that I put on my black night
time shoes just so that they would look more presentable.  No
problem….went to my locker, changed shoes and continued scurrying
about setting up their breakfast. 

blah blah blah….

At some point I felt something stuck to the bottom of my shoe so
without looking, I just sort of scuffed my feet and continued on.  Keep
in mind that i wear a mid calf muu muu so I don’t really see my feet
when I look down.  A few minutes later….yes, minutes passed….. I
saw out of the corner of my eye something white on my shoe and thought
"oh, no, could it be Toilet paper?" Still busy, scurry scurry.  Went
into the kitchen and finally looked down at my feet.  There stuck to my
shiny black shoes was a glue trap used to catch mice!!! (and rats!)
Grossed out, I went to peel it off and that’s when I saw …….

              the dead mouse

attached and sandwiched between my shoe and the trap.  My co worker
was there and I just froze and said "Joe, get it off me!"  He had to
pull hard to get it off.  I was so disgusted I wanted to go
shower….but then it hit me that …what if I had gone into the
meeting room, pushing in the breakfast on my cart….holding out my
hand to introduce myself …."hi, I’m Sharon, your banquet captain,
oh,,,,and this is a dead mouse stuck to my shoe!!!!!" 

And the irony that I had just changed my shoes because  I wanted to look presentable to these people. 

so I hope you  go about your day with gratitude in your heart that your day wasn’t as crazy as mine….."


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