More Pro Bowl

So today is the big day.  Yeah, right.

I have a horrible attitude about this.  This isn’t even a thorn in life (yet!).  There I go being negative again.

The FBI is involved and it’s a complicated process to get into the stadium to do this shoot.  I’m shooting Polaroids at a tailgate party for VISA for an hour.  We made a HUGE mistake on the proposal and we’re only billing for the actual time we’re shooting.  Jessica has spent many hours on the phone trying to get credentials to get in before gates open.  Since the party starts before the gates open, I need to get in.  I just received a phone call saying that the passes for today arrived with wrong names and that I should call, have someone meet me at the gate, and get in using a "dummy" pass.  Go figure.  What kind of security is that?

I’ve already gone to the NFL Credentials office to get a photo taken for a badge that isn’t good for game day.  I guess that means I have a useless piece of ID.  What did they have me do that for?

It all brings back memories of when I used to be the planner for the group, coordinating their activities, transportation, and parties.  VISA executives compete for how many "VIP" privileges they can use and abuse.  It’s amazing.  I won’t forget the night that it was over for me.  One of the clients and I went to Roy’s early to make sure all was right for a dinner that a VISA exec was hosting.  They wanted me to ask Roy’s to hide all their "Check presenters" and use VISA check presenters.  What’s a check presenter?  It’s that fake leather thing that contains your restaurant bill.  Usually a VISA, Mastercard or Amex logo is embossed on the front.  That was the first time I ever noticed such a thing.  I ignored that request.

Our group of "VIP’s" was on it’s way and the diners that had their table were still dining.  They wanted me to offer the group $$$ to clear out.  I was horrified.  It’s just not acceptable in Hawaii.  Thank goodness for that!  After that evening I knew that I couldn’t continue.  I referred the client to a friend who is still talking to me.

Anyway, I’m off to another Pro Bowl event.  Thanks for listening to me rant.


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