More on mistakes

I’m on a mailing list from Mollie Gordon at and have enjoyed many wise and fun information about business and life.  Here’s more from her piece on mistakes:

* Give up guilt as a strategy for revising the past.

     * Notice what happens when you agree to things in order to impress
or please other people.

     * Promptly revise commitments that you are not going to keep.
Embarrassment is kinder to everyone than dishonesty.

     * Learn the difference between being wrong and having something
wrong with you.

     * Let go of managing other people’s reactions and feelings. That’s
their job. You may be surprised at how well they can do it.

     * Embrace your motives, all of them. The more clearly you see what
you want and why, the easier it will be to notice if you you really
want to follow their prompts.

     * Pay attention to the people you resent the most. Do they have
something you want? How DO they "get away" with liking themselves when
they do things you wouldn’t allow yourself to do?

     * Pay attention to how guilt, shame, and repression feel in your
body: the set of your jaw, the upward creep of my your shoulders, the
clipped, insistent tone of your inner dialogue. Can you imagine caring
about people and commitments without making your body a battleground?

     * Write a new script. Try on different ways of telling the story of
your mistakes so that they are steppingstones to insight and building
blocks in relationships.

Mollie Gordon


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