Vancouver & Slow Food

Vancouver is my favorite North American city.  I love the culture…it’s clean…it’s beautiful.  From it, we access Vancouver Island.  I found an articile about Vancouver on the Slow Food website with information about places to stay and eat. 

Slow Food is an organization founded in Italy (not surprising) to "protect the pleasures of the table from the homogenization of modern fast food and life."  That’s a big order – super-size (forgive me).

Here’s a piece from the site of Slow Food USA:

"As each of us changes our pace in life, slowing down, we will have an effect on the whole. You can partake, every time you enjoy these pleasures:
    •     Join a local convivium
    •      Trace your food sources
    •      Visit a local farmers’ market
    •     Join a CSA
    •      Invite a friend over to share a meal
    •      Visit a farm in your area
    •     Create a new food memory for a child! Let them plant seeds or harvest greens for a meal.
    •     Start a kitchen garden
    •      Learn your local food history! Find a food that is celebrated as being originally from or best grown/produced in your part of the country."


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