Getting Things Done

I got into the blog thing.  Mine is this nothing little snippets about my life blog.  But I subscribe through to a lot of other blogs on marketing, business management, lifestyle, etc.  My subscrption list is 52 blogs.  Whe I log on I click on the Bloglines Notifier and it tells me who has posted new entries.  I then read though the entries that interest me. It’s my version of the news. 

One of the blogs on my list is 43 Folders by Merlin Mann.  The name of his blog comes from the book, Getting Things Done.  Curiosity got the best of me and I downloaded the audio file to my iPod and listened to it between interisland flights.

Here’s the book in a nutshell from Giles Turnbull:  "The central idea is to change your habits so that you are automatically more organized; you always know what thing you have to do next. You stop forgetting things, you find yourself with more time for fun because you’re better at doing things in their allotted time, and your life becomes a compartmentalized list of projects and files."

I’ve been practicing the system for about a week now and it’s already made such a difference in the way I work.  I know what to do next on my list.  I’ve always had way more projects and things to do than could possibly be done in the time I thought I could do it.  It’s interesting that David Allen refers to his karate training a lot…Mind Like Water.

Click here to order the book and I’ll get a commission:


  1. You said you lived in Hawai’i over at CiderPressHill’s place (the comments about groceries). Well, I’m the guy who was muttering about dog food and milk prices in that thread. The milk was Foremost, and the Safeway was Waimalu. In other words, I live here too, and have for 27 years.

  2. I visited your site. Tigger is worth his weight in dog food.

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