I love Kauai.  I’m kind of a rain, green, ocean, blue, trees person.

Bryan Maingot and I went over to Kauai for a job at the Hyatt Regency.  He flew in from Maui and we were hungry so I took him to my favorite old style saimin place called Hamura Saimin.  Saimin is a noodle soup indigenous to Hawaii created by plantation workers – it’s Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian.  The best thing to have is any kind of saimin with barbeque sticks.  You have a choice of chicken or beef marinated in teriyaki sauce and grilled. Delicious…Ono in Hawaiian.

The following day we had some time before our flight so we checked out Hanapepe.  It’s very small with a few shops and a swinging bridge.  Very quaint and fun.   

I started a project I’ve always wanted to do – photograph small post offices…rural, unique, small.


  1. Eugene said:

    Yes, Hamura Saimin is the absolute best. don’t forget the chicken. We also like Kalapaki beach grill for their char burgers.

  2. Richard said:

    A second vote for Hamura’s. BTW..I went whale watching last week from Port Allen on Captain Zodiac. Hilarious…..I had a Gore-Tex jacket on but the 30mph winds from the shear line and the wind driven swell had me COMPLETELY soaked in the first ten minutes.
    No whales that we could see, but a nice reintroduction to the ocean.
    Hey, did you ever stop by the Soto Zen temple in Hanapepe? There is an interesting set of broken statues in the back.

  3. Mokihana said:

    Love the photos of the Na Pali coastline… makes me really homesick, but I love seeing them anyway. Mahalo nui!

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