Working on Maui

Got to Maui yesterday for a photo shoot. We’re doing a digital slide show for a group of BMW dealers from California. They’re staying at the Four Seasons Wailea…I’m staying at the Maui Coast. I haven’t stayed at the Maui Coast in a while and they upgraded me to a junior suite. It’s simple, but spacious AND it has a desk for me to work at. I love that.

I went for a walk this morning in the wind and drizzle. I love the beaches here in Kihei, but strip mall after strip mall after condo after condo is distracting. I remember when…

I found a little restaurant called Ashley’s South Shore Cafe that has wireless internet free with a purchase. I had their award winning vegetarian chow fun.

  1. Brian said:

    Well…come on, let’s hear it…Was it worth an award? Was it really good Chow? Was it in fact fun? Don’t leave us hanging on these things. If I were to end a blog with “I had a six foot penthouse centerfold with wasabi sauce” I would truly be letting my readers down.

  2. Robin said:

    Brian…The award winning chow fun sucked. I just am trying not to say anything bad about restaurants…they do enough to damage themselves.

  3. Rosa said:

    Aloha Robin,
    How wonderful to find your blog today! I had no idea you had begun this, and discovered your secret while reading Chris’s Alchemy of Soulful Work.
    I’ll be subscribing, and looking forward to cruising through your archives too.
    Ho’ohana, and Aloha,

  4. gorae said:

    I have researched the Chow Fun issue with diligence, hence my late response. Arguably the “best” Chow Fun in Hawaii is currently found on the island of Oahu. On Maui, the Chow Fun resources have dwindled miserably in the past decade. Go to Wailuku and take your chances there. I live on the south side and in the past few years have only eaten Chow Fun in the employees cafeteria. This week I ventured to the west side and found one agreeable Chow Fun source…Nagasako’s, across from Lahaina Foodland in the Old Lahaina Shopping Center. Sadly as the mom and pop shops fold on Maui, so do opportunities for extraordinary Chow Fun.

  5. gorae said:

    I just want to clarify something about the Lahaina Chow Fun. It has been so long…years, a decade even, since I had outstanding Chow Fun, I have no reference to guage Chow Fun excellence. However, if the Chow Fun at Nagosako’s was a 10 out of 10, I think I would know….I will say this, it was a satisfying $2.50 where are you gonna find that in Lahaina? Also please note, every lunch time Nagosako’s is jam packed with working folks in the area, and whats more if you dont get there early they run out of roll sushi, which I regard as the best on the island. It is “local” style as compared to the Sushi Chef style.

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