Belated St. Patrick’s Day

Since we were both out of town for St. Pat’s, we celebrated last night with corned beef and cabbage.  In one of my Julia Child cookbooks, there is a recipe for baked corned beef.  Since reading that I’ve been baking my corned beef.  Baking at a low temperature intensifies the flavor.

I first simmer the corned beef with the pickling spice it usually comes with.  I wrap the spices in cheesecloth.  Then I dump the water out and save the spices.  The corned beef is baked in a 300 degree oven until tender.  I add water with the spices to boil the cabbage for a couple of minutes.  This time I boiled some potatoes and put them in the pan with the corned beef to brown.  It was quite yummy.

Here’s Julia’s cookbook…

  1. Helen Takeuchi said:

    Hi Robin,
    About the corn beef recipe–when you say “dump” the water, do you really mean dump as in down the drain dump instead of draining it into a different dish? Since you go to the trouble of separating the spices in cheesecloth so I’m guessing you really do dispose-dump the water, but wouldn’t you miss that corn beefy flavor for cooking the veggies?
    I’ve kept away from red meat pretty much for the last four years but I miss the flavor of beef every so often.

  2. Robin said:

    Hi there, Helen…
    You definitely dump the water. Keep the spices and use them in the water to cook the veggies. I like to get rid of the grease and the spice packet gives the veggies flavor. I don’t rinse the pot out and I find that has enough residual flavor.

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