Yeah! Won a Prize

It was really exciting to hear that I won second place at the AHA Aloha Show.

Here’s a photo of me claiming my prize:


And mom and dad and me with my entry:


Here’s what the juror, Michael Naylor said:

Second Place, Robin Scanlon, Quiet Presentation
Upon first viewing this photograph I asked myself "where is this
place?" After looking a second time I realized I was looking at the
interior of a flower. Ms. Scanlon’s photograph evokes a serene sense of
place. Viewers are transported to a wonderful dream-like realm of
contemplation. The image seems to gently glow as it invites us inside to
explore. What makes this work successful is not simply technical prowess
but the artists ability to alter our perception and re-evaluate our

Here’s the second entry:

  1. Robin, that is so cool. Congratulations! I love the photograph. I would never have figured out that it was the interior of a flower, which only lends more to its mystique.
    I also love what your juror said about your ability as an artist to help us as the viewer to alter our perceptions and re-evaluate our perspectives. That’s the trademark of someone who is committed to their art. It’s also what I work to achieve a coach. Shows how much artists and coaches work in similar thoughtstreams.

  2. Kate said:

    Congratulations, Robin. That is such a beautiful photograph. A proud mom and dad, too!

  3. Brian said:

    Aloha Robin,
    Well Done! You are an artiste my friend.

  4. eugene said:

    Nothing touches me more than a me and my mom and dad photo. Well done.

  5. gorae said:

    Good on you Robin!! The image has a calming effect. I bookmarked it and look at for a while before leaving the house!! Now thats many photos can achieve that!

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