Books on Writing

I’ve been wanting to share the wonderful books I’ve read on writing.  Each of these books is special, but the common thread is the writer’s passion for the craft of writing.  It’s something they have to do to live.
I can’t put them in the order of preference as I’ve loved each book for different things.

Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg:  Natalie Goldberg’s books were pointers to zen practice for me.  She’s been practicing zen for over twenty years.  Writing Down the Bones is a better known title and is also an excellent read.

Annie Lamott’s Bird by Bird is hard to put down.  She’s funny, vulnerable and a great writer.

The Right to Write by Julia Cameron.  She’s famous for The Artist’s Way, a book that gave me a kick in the butt (gently) to photograph as a method of expression and self-discovery.

Stephen King On Writing.  I’m a scaredy cat so I haven’t read anything but the Talisman.  I love his writing.  Imagine living in his mind!




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