Sesshin and balance

I barely survived sesshin.  Long hours of meditation were made for the young monks…not a fifty plus fat girl…out of shape fat girl.  I had a difficult time sitting.  Lots of hip and back pain.  Before I do this again, I have to solve some of my physical challenges.  (Did I say do this again?)

Yesterday, Latte and I dropped Kris off at the airport and went to the Kapiolani Community College Farmer’s Market.  I love that place.  People always admire Latte…she is a beautiful parti-colored American cocker spaniel.  We shared a plate lunch of karaage chicken, rice and a salad.  Then we purchased a beautiful bunch of beets with my favorite tops, Hauula vine-ripened tomatoes, eggplants, green beans, and arugula. 

I caught up on reading blogs in the afternoon.  I enjoy reading other people’s blogs.  There are so many interesting and bright people out there.  The news does nothing for me.  I get ambient news…filtered because it comes from Kris or overheard in conversation.  It may be ignorant, but that is the way I choose to get the news. 

There was a link to a blog called Fragments from Floyd.  He posted a wonderful check list for keeping balance.  It resonated with me as he’s a writer and sits as his computer all day.  I’m a photographer…what am I doing sitting on a computer all day?

Here’s the list:

What ever happened to the balanced life? Where will I find the path that carries me back? And he answered:

For every hour typing, walk an hour.

For every page written, read one in a book.

For every hour inside, spend one under the sun.

For every minute indugled in self, help someone else.

For every dollar spent on (un)necessary toys, give one away.

For every minute blogging, read a blog.

Past your prime? You can’t know that. Bloom late.

For every hour of sitting, stand-walk-run-climb-lift-push-pull an hour.

For every whining want, give thanks for blessings owned.

For every pain, find something that doesn’t hurt. Surely there’s something.

For each day that dawns, be awake. And caffeine can’t help here. Awake. Now.

In all the parts, see the whole.

And don’t stop having these conversations with yourself. You are your best audience. Listen. Do what’s needed. Do what’s right.

Here’s a link to the post:

  1. Great find Robin, I really like that list. Especially this one:
    Past your prime? You can’t know that. Bloom late.

  2. I missed that one on FF’s blog. I hope you dont mind that I copied it.

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