Bloggers Block

You’ve heard of Writer’s Block?  Well, I’ve been suffering from Blogger’s Block.  If you read my "Nobody’s Reading my Blog Blues" post whining about why I’m blogging, no one is reading, etc., you’ll see that Blogger’s Block is a close relative to Nobody is Reading my Blog Blues.  Nothing I can write is important or interesting enough to write much less read about.

I’ve been spending way too much time reading blogs and following links.  How much is too much time?  Too much time is when you’re not doing the things and relating to the people who are important to you.  So what am I going to do about this stuff?

I had lunch with my friend, Teresa, the other day.  As we were saying our good-byes, she asked about the Artist’s Way and mentioned that she started doing the book.  If you’ve looked at the book, you’ll understand why you "do" the book, rather than read it.  Julia Cameron steps you through a process to nurture your creativity.  The book steps you through a twelve week plan of exercises.  Humans need to be creative and are creative all the time.  Sometimes we need nudging and more.  This book helped me a lot.  I can’t remember how many times I’ve recommended or given the book as a gift to friends.

Kris and I were at a Photography convention.  The schedule was full of classes on wedding photography, studio photography, how to make money at photography, how to pose, how to light and other practical topics for a professional photographer.  I noticed a funky sounding fun class listed.  I don’t remember what it was called and, unfortunately, I don’t remember who taught it.  There were two or three partners teaching this class and they were doing really artsy fun stuff.  Wow!  I wanted to do that.  One of the women, pulled out a worn copy of the book.  She raved about it and said that she had "done" the book several times.

It’s funny how one thing on the path leads you to the next thing and the next thing.  I began reading more and more books on writing.  Natalie Goldberg spoke of zen and other writers about spirituality and many of the writers that I loved talked about meditation.  I figured I’d check zen out and zen has become something in my life that holds it all together and makes my life better.

So what’s the point.  Morning pages (three hand-written pages of stream of consiousness writing) are the first tool in the book.  I started doing morning pages in 1997 and have piles of notebooks…boring, boring writing.  That’s the end of this long story.  I’m going to spend some time being analog…I’m going back to morning pages.  I had a moleskin notebook that I didn’t know what to do with…and my favorite Omas pen.  The process of filling a pen with beautiful brown ink and writing on good quality paper with a cup of coffee or tea is grounding.  It’s day two and I’m so glad I’m doing this. 

So what about Blogger’s Block?  I’m back on track.  This is stuff I want to share.  That’s simply what my blog is all about.  Simple…no great meaning…nothing special.

  1. K. said:

    Most of what I post is drawn from the thoughts that hit me in the morning as I sit writing and drinking coffee. The trick is figuring out what two or three paragraphs, or two or three sentences (if that!) are worth posting. I have much more content that never sees the daybreak.

  2. Ah…that must be where Coffee Sutras came from.
    Ramblings is really no better than A Happening, but it didn’t start out with a really cool name. It’s geeky from the get go.
    Thanks, K!

  3. Barb said:

    I just had to check in with you and let you know that sometimes I go a week or more but always catch up with your “goings on”. When you think you are writing for nothing….just remember that you are touching people and you bring inspiration to me many times. I am getting back in touch with my “creative self”….sometimes it seems all I do is work work work….but I enjoy your ramblings, (you remind me of refocusing and getting centered with regard to things that matter)…your book suggestions (which I may someday make time to read) and just getting to know you better. Keep blogging, girl. You have alot to offer the world!
    Big Island Barb

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