Your Real Business

I don’t remember how I discovered Molly Gordon, but she always has some interesting food for thought about business and integrating it with values.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a blog yet, but says it’s coming soon.  Until then, she has a newsletter you can subscribe to.

Here’s a summary of one of her articles:

Your Real Business
Ideally, your business will stem from a passionate purpose out of which the structure of your business can emerge. In reality, competing commitments to ourselves and to others, not to mention self-censorship and second-guessing can make knowing your true business quite difficult. Lacking that knowledge, it is almost impossible to summon the focus, commitment, and energy needed to launch a successful enterprise.

Careful self-examination can reveal the structure of competing commitments that keeps you from making progress. Combined with the audacity to listen to your core desires and the humility to differentiate them from your ego’s grandiose plans, such self-examination can help you home in on your real business, the work you are meant and made to do. When you know what this work is, you can choose from among many ways to carry it out.


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