Asian Pasta

I haven’t posted a recipe in ages.  Anyone who knows me, knows that
I’m a foodie…love to eat, love to cook, collect cookbooks (over 500).

My brother invited us to dinner for Mother’s Day and Auntie Faye
(she’s my age) made a wonderful pasta dish.  She shared it with me and
I offer it to you.  She says it’s from the Sun Noodle pamphlet and she
dabbled with it a lot.  Fay is an amazing cook.


1  8  oz. pkg linguine noodles boiled and drained (the flavored Sun Noodle
ones work out well)
1/2 c. prepared taegu
1/2 bunch chopped and boiled watercress
1/2 c. chopped takuan or other picked vegetables
1 can flaked crab or imitation crab
1/2 bottle furikake
1/2 bottle Pietro’s Miso Sesame Dressing

Mix the above together and top with cilantro, green onions and pickled

1 comment
  1. marc said:

    looks very familiar to my mother-in-law’s famous seafood pasta salad. just exchange sesame seeds for the watercress.

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