Tuscon, Arizona

This is been a month of travel for me.  Eye of the Islands Photography (the company that Kris and I own) does a lot of work on the road with corporate clients.  Most of our work is done on the outer islands of Hawaii, but a few times a year we get to travel outside of the state.

After a wild adventure getting there, I took a taxi to the Starr Pass Marriott.  I met my friends and clients, Tom Hillmer and Debbie Galles from Creative Group and was so so happy to see them.  They make work tons of fun.  We have a saying "We love us" and we truly do.

The programs they plan are always amazing and we joke about how they always take me out of my comfort zone.  They’ve taken me to Costa Rica swinging from tree to tree on a canopy "tour", helicopter rides above the volcano on the Big Island directly on to a horse for a cattle drive.  This was no different.

We went on a jeep tour on the first day through the desert.  Our guide was interesting and full of facts about the plants and animals of the desert.  My favorite cactus is the saguaro which happened to be flowering while we were there.  We were extremely lucky as it only blooms two weeks of the year.  Another beauty that was blooming is the palos verde which means green stick.  That referrs to it’s branches and doens’t mention the beautiful yellow sprays of flowers that brightened the desert landscape.

The roadrunner and chipmunk I’ve been familiar with are those from cartoons.  Yes, I’ve been a city girl watching too much television.  I was shocked that the chipmunk was a tiny dude the size of a rat or small squirrel and the roadrunner was also a short guy…way shorter than the street signs and cayote.

Here in Arizona, Tom planned another cattle drive a la "City Slickers".  This one seemed more real than the one we did in Hawaii and, for me, not as scary.  They gave me a horse named Tiny who was more interested in eating than moving.  He was the perfect guy for me since I have no horseriding skills and was trying to shoot photographs and ride.  I had to forget my fear to do this.  Yikes!  It was a beautiful evening and we were on a late afternoon ride that ended at sunset.  The sky was a spectacular pink, purple, and blue.  We ended the evening with a steak dinner, John Wayne look-alike, shooting, roping and s’mores.

See the photo album – Tuscon.


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