Why Blog?

I enjoy reading other blogs. Some people are news junkies…I’m a blog junkie. 

Bloglines is a fantastic and free way to organize and subscribe to blogs.  I use the Bloglines Notifier to inform me when the blogs I subscribe to have a new post. 

Today on one of my favorite blogs, Ripples by David St. Lawrence is a post on blogging.  I agree that blogging helps me organize my thoughts.  Last night, I was able to describe the system I’m using for managing my life’s activities.  Writing about it made my system clearer to me.  Blogging is good brain exercise. 

On Renaissance Girl, there is a post about blogging – "More Reasons Why We Write.  I agree that the writing is authentic and not meant to sell in a way that we’ve been accustomed to.  That is what I’ve found with the blogs I subscribe to. 

I never meant this to be a post about other bloggers, but here’s a list of my absolute favorite blogs.  Some of them are read for knowledge, some for entertainment, and all because of their generous sharing:

Alchemy of Soulful Work – Chris Bailey
Talking Story – Rosa Say
Passionate Users – Head First
Everything and Nothing – Shawn Lea
Simplicity – John Maeda
Cider Press Hill – Kate ( can’t find her last name)
Fragments from Floyd – Fred First

When there’s a post on any of these blogs I rush over to see what they have to say or photos that have been posted.

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Robin. I love your blog – and your photos – too!

  2. fred1st said:

    Hi Robin. Of course you realize that soon, you can come to one convenient location–the tiny crossroads of Floyd, Virginia–and visit Ripples AND Fragments! (The St Lawrences are moving this way soon.)
    Now, I get to go back and read David’s and R Girl’s posts about blogging because I am going through one of those periods of wondering about my own raison d’etre as a blogger.
    It changes over time, doesn’t it–our purpose and center as a writer, or photographer? And sometimes it is worrisome to feel oneself evolving, not knowing what the next morph will look and feel like. But perhaps more about that soon at Fragments. Thanks for being there.

  3. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for visiting my site.
    I am adding your site to my blog roll as I am always looking for well-written observations about life.
    Thanks also for the tip on Bloglines. I think I need some better way to organize my ever-growing collection of links.

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