Big Island, Hawaii

We’re on the Big Island. We got here yesterday to move out of our apartment in Waikoloa Village.  Our landlord sold the house and they are builing a new one with a rental unit on it.  We’re just in storage for the interim.  The new place is twice the size and they are giving us an awesome deal on it.

We drove over to the Hilo side and stopped to look at some homes along the way.  Kris and I love it here and would like to move here someday. 

Last night we spent the night with our friend, Mike Kemp, in a great cottage in the Volcano area.  Volcano is an artist’s village near the National Park.  Mike used to be our roommate and now lives in Dallas.  We miss him terribly.  He’s a great guy and we share a great love of food and wine and life.  Last night he made an herb bread, mushroom saffron rissoto, and grilled steaks with his special spice blend.  We had champagne and Griglich Cabernet Sauvignon with dinner.

This morning Mike made the most awesome breakfast tacos.  The filling included tortilla strips, cheese, bacon, eggs, green onions, and a jalapeno pepper.   We wrapped that up in flour tortillas.  Yum!

We’re going to look at a few more homes today and then we head home.  It’s Mom’s 80th birthday today!


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  1. OK – you just made me hungry. And I love breakfast tacos. I think I’m going to have to go and make me a fried egg sandwich now. Happy Birthday to your mom! (And many more)

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