Off to the Bahamas tonight

It’s a crazy day.  Tonight I’m leaving for a photo shoot in the Bahamas – Great Exuma.  It’ll be fun…I have the best clients!  There are really more friends than clients…the best kind!

We’ll be staying at the Four Seasons Great Exuma and it’s very hard to have a bad time at a Four Seasons Resort.  If you have to work, they are great resorts to be in.  I’ll be photographing an incentive program for a pharmaceutical company where participants have exceeded sales quotas in order to quality for the trip.  At the departure breakfast, I’ll show a multi-image presentation of highlights of the trip. 

Most of my off time is spent in my room editing, resizing, and programming the show.  I use iView Media Pro to edit, Photoshop CS2 for resizing, and a Final Cut Pro template to program.  I’ll have high speed internet in the room so I hope to continue posting if it’s not too crazy expensive.  It was $30 a day in Cancun.

At the breakfast, we give each couple a DVD of the show to take home.  Once they’re returned home, we send a customized photo album to them.  It’s a small group of 18 people so I get to know them quite well and they include me in all of their activities and functions.

We’re also giving each couple notecards.  We were in Nevis in 2002 and I picked four shots that had a Caribbean feeling for the cards.  Here they are.





I’m bummed because Kris won’t be coming with me as we have a show for
the American Heart Association for their participants in the Kona
Marathon going on at the same time.  When I get back, he’ll be in Kona.  We’ll reconnect in Volcano on the Big Island for our 13th Anniversary.  Yeah!


  1. Kathy said:

    Have a great trip Robin! Sounds like too much fun! See you soon!

  2. fred1st said:

    Hey! That doesn’t sound like WORK to me! But if you say so. Have a good trip!

  3. If you ever need an assistant – or even someone just to carry your bags – keep me in mind! It sounds like hard work but maybe I could struggle through it. 😉

  4. Robin said:

    I wish I could take you guys with me!

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