Four Seasons Great Exuma

It’s my first day.  I opted out of going shopping in Nassau today.  I was exausted last night and there is only one flight to and from Nassau – 7 AM departure and 5 PM return.  It would have been a long day and I need to rest for the long hours I’ll be putting in once the program starts.  I don’t normally come in so early, but I was wiped out the last time I did a job in Fort Lauderdale and flew in just the night before.  This is a shot I took of the islands as we approached last night:


It’s crazy expensive.  Most Four Seasons are pricey, but this one is exceptionally so.  A regular breakfast in room service is $20 plus.  That’s for eggs, potatoes, and breakfast meat.  So…I did some sleuthing and found free coffee in the spa as well as apples, bottled water and tea.  I’m such a bargain hunter. I did end up having breakfast in the restaurant since the lunch menu didn’t appeal to me.  Lobster hash for breakfast ($17) or a turkey sandwich ($18).  Lobster for me, please.


The water here is the most amazing turquoise.  You just have to love the Caribbean for that.  Some of the photos I took look like Kailua Beach in Hawaii which is an amazing place, too.

I took some shots around the hotel as well:

The fogging on the left is from the humidity.
I’m enjoying the art in the hotel.  This is a shot of the front desk.  The front of the counter is mother of pearl.


This is a shot of the back of the bar.  We want to try a drink served in those orange glasses on the left. 

This is part of the walkway around the pool.

A shell and a painting.


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