Whew…I’m here

It took many, many hours, but I’m here.

My flight left Hawaii at 11 PM, landed in LAX at around 5, left LAX around 7 AM, arrived in Miami around 5 PM, left Miami at 6:40, arrived in Georgetown, Bahamas at 8 PM.  Whew!

Now that American sells meals, I’ve noticed a lot of people bringing their own snack.  I brought a tray of sushi from a take out place near our house called Genki Sushi.  The lines at Burger King seem longer to me. 

I haven’t tried the meals on the plane…they are sandwiches in a box for most of the day and bagel chips and stuff for breakfast.  If the quality is anything like their hot meals, I’m all for bringing my own.

Couldn’t sleep much on the plane so I’m glad I brought this book with me.  I’ve been saving it for the flight.  She writes a lot about her mother and growing up with an Asian background.  Lots of it hit home for me.  I also love that she included stories about her travels with the writers’ band with Stephen King (he mentions the band in his book, On Writing) and Dave Barry.  How fun that must have been!

  1. fred1st said:

    Yeah, I got to thinking the other day: how FAR must it be from HI to Bermuda! That’s lots of time zones. How many, ‘xactly?

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