Back from the Bahamas

I got back from the Bahamas yesterday.  The program went really well.  I showed the highlights show on Saturday morning and the people really liked it.  Each couple got a DVD of the show to take home.  I had problems with iDVD and didn’t get a master copy to burn until 3 AM on Friday night.  Luckily I only needed nine copies or I would have been toast.

Here’s a photo of me with Tom and Debbie.  We emailed this to one of our friends in their office. Check out my hair.  Nice, huh?  We are such a great team…we love us.


The flight left Great Exuma on Saturday afternoon and I had to overnight at a horrible hotel called the Miami International Airport Hotel.  Don’t EVER go there.  I never diss restaurants, hotels or businesses unless I feel that it’s unsafe or that the owners truly don’t care about their business.  This hotel hasn’t been cared for in so long, it’s pathetic.  Everything is "under construction or repair", but it’s obvious that nothing has happened in a long time.  A part of the floor I was on was roped off for "repair", the fitness center was under "repair", and the employees needed repairing badly.  I haven’t been in a hotel where I felt unsafe in some time and this was one of them.  The Miami Airport is also the most congested and unpleasant airport I’ve ever been in.

I’m taking Mom & Dad to breakfast at the Koa House for a belated Father’s Day breakfast.  I got him a cool hat from Great Exuma. 

Today is the first day of John Paul’s workshop on the Big Island.  He’s my photography/fine art teacher and a great inspiration for everything I do and try to do.  I haven’t had time to do any of my homework for the class so I’m in big trouble.  I had bad dreams about it all night. 


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