Pruning and editing

Here is something from David Allen’s blog that I enjoyed and wanted to share.  I believe it can be applied to all the arts and certainly to photography.  Editing is a most important step in the creative process, but first you must have something to prune.  It reminds me to keep shooting no matter what.

"It’s all about pruning…

Decompressing from a nonstop day on this cool Ojai evening, pinching the new growth off the ends of a couple of my bonsai, I’m catching the seed of what’s got to be another major theme to understand and hone and, well – prune. Editing is where the action is. Many an author and screenwriter I’ve met confirm this.

So, what’s the life/work equivalent of that germ of creative truth? Creativity is. Can’t help it – anything alive grows. But that growth can take on meta-natural proportion when it is facilitated…by what? Pruning. Take the sentence down to half its words. Cut the dead wood out of your team. Unhook from the non-mission-critical projects.

The first thing is to have something to prune. Then, it’s the ever-graceful dance of taking away that which is growing haphazard to allow the essence of the life form artistry to unfold and come to conscious expression. Or something like that…"


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