Eagles & Eye

I need to get kicked in the butt sometimes.  My life is great and I love my job.

The other night I got paid to photograph a Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh concert on the Big Island.  It was a corporate incentive event on the Waikoloa Golf Course.  For these guys, 1300 people is an intimate group.  Corporate hosted concerts are usually pretty mellow…not much security and people are subdued. 

The opening act was Henry Kapono.  Kapono has been a favorite local entertainer since the 70’s.  It’s always great to hear this talented 100% Hawaiian boy.


The minute Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh came on, I moved to the front of the stage.

I had my long lens on and had great views of the two.  It usually takes a few minutes for the crowd to move in so I was able to get around up there without a problem.  When people did come up, they were so gracious about letting me shoot around and in front of them.  You’d never be able to do this in a public concert.  A photographer would be killed by the crowd.

The crowd was 40 and 50ish and grew up with these guys.  It was so cool when I turned around and everone was singing "Desperado". 

I felt as though we all went back in time.  Joe Walsh announced that the crowd should sing "In the City" because we probably knew the words better than he did.

I love my job!



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