Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii

We just got back from the visit to Kauai with friends and family from Arizona.

Here’s the gang:
row:  Sandy (sister-in-law extraordinaire), Maureen (sweetest
gal…great hair & hat), a goofball, Cory (beautiful athlete),
Karen (just met new friend for life).
Second row:  Colin (amazing
brother of Kris), Fred (what can I say?  brilliant…you can tell),
Kris (my sweetie), and Rick (funnest farmer and great guy).

We signed up for a six hour sail down the Na Pali Coast with
snorkeling and a sunset dinner.  We brought our digital camera with the
underwater housing.  It’s been a bear for me to get accustomed to
shooting with it, but I managed to get one good photo of Kris:


always wanted to see the Na Pali Coast, but never had the opportunity
since I’m usually there in the winter when the waves are too big.  I
can’t imagine a more dramatic and beautiful coast.  The colors of the
mountains are breathtaking with waterfalls and mist.  It rained, but
you can’t have rainbows without rain. 



Kris took the best photo of all:


1 comment
  1. Cori Sutter said:

    Robin and Kris!
    Aloha! I got the email with pictures from the Na Pali, Kauai trip. They turned out great!
    Thanks for everything! It was a great little vacation hanging out with such cool people. It was fun to get a little glimpse into great friendships. Hope to see you all again.

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