Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce Exhibition

A very exciting thing happened last week.  One of my prints was accepted in the Commitment to Excellence Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce Exhibition at the Academy Art Center at Linekona.  It’s been crazy with work as we’ve been working on a program on the Big Island.  We got home on Wednesday afternoon and I printed the images for submission that night.  I barely made the cut-off which was 4 PM the following day.

I checked in and was directed upstairs to a room where I was to leave my prints.  Yikes!  There were rows and rows of amazing work.  All mediums.  They found a spot for me.  My prints were in a sink in one of the classrooms.

On Friday, I received a call notifying me that one of my prints was accepted.  Wow!  It was something I didn’t expect and I was thrilled.  They asked if we would be attending the reception for the artists and, of course, we would be there. 

Our friend, Marc was at the reception as his print was accepted, too.  I was so happy for him and loved seeing his family.

The image that was accepted is Onomea, a photograph I took at Onomea Bay outside of Hilo. Here it is…


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  1. Roy said:

    Congratulations! Don’t tell us you just put it together at the 11th hour. It’s like my cousin who put in $20 and won $50K. I was glad to see photographs, even if the number was small. You did good.

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