Tips for Working from Home

I found this great list of tips for working at home at  I work at home and love getting up in the morning and not having to get dressed or drive anywhere.  These are tips I need to keep in mind so I thought I’d put them in a post mostly as a reminder to myself.

Tips for working from home

  • Start out with something easy, fun or interesting.  This helps you build momentum throughout the day.
  • Stick
    to a schedule. Treat your days like a “regular” work day. Many people
    have found that a 9-5 or 10-6 schedule really helps keep them on track
    and productive.
  • Separate your “work” area from your “living”
    area. This includes your phone and computer. If you’re a gamer, you
    should use a separate computer, or maybe a separate alias. Or hit up
    the Xbox like me!
  • Get out and about as often as you can.  Take a walk, go outside, meet people for lunch—that kind of thing.
  • Work
    on networking. Since you probably don’t have coworkers, it’s good to
    get to know people who are doing the same things as you so you can
    socialize a bit, etc.
  • Reward yourself when you’ve done something significant.
  • Get dressed everyday.  Don’t wear pajamas all day.  It’ll make you feel less work-like.
  • Set, and stick to, deadlines.  Even when you don’t need them.
  • Take
    breaks. Get away from the computer and don’t work through lunch. I’ve
    noticed this can be hard already. I’m beginning to force myself up and
    about every hour or so.
  • Keep your weekends. Working from
    home shouldn’t change the work/life balance you’ve got. Well, unless it
    lets you do more “life”! ;0)
  • Limit distractions.  Keep your work area clear from things that might get you off track.  Guess I need to move the PSP
  • Have a plan and goals for what you want to accomplish each week.
  • Request
    feedback from clients and other folks you work with on a regular basis.
    This can help you identify shortcomings and keep you motivated to keep
    improving your skills, etc.
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  1. Roy said:

    Great tips/advice.

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