Blog Day

Today is Blog Day.  Here are the blogs I’m recommending either from "other countries or other areas of interest": 

Everything and Nothing:  Shawn Lea’s blog.  Just because she’s in a hotel in Mississippi having been displaced by Katrina AND she’s still blogging.

Gaping Void :  Hugh McLeod.  In England.  I love his cartoons!

Giornale Nuovo:  Beautiful and informative.  He lives in Sweden.

Maeda’s Simplicity:  Professor John Maeda in the country of MIT.

43 Folders:  Merlin Mann.  He’s organized and I want to be, but probably never will be.

1 comment
  1. Jim Bazin said:

    Robin … thanks for these Blog references. I’m loving them. Hugh McLeod and John Maeda are my faves so far. You rock, gUrl!

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