Dreams Show

I’m so excited…one of my prints was accepted in the Dreams Show at the Honolulu International Country Club. 

I took the photograph in Hilo when I was with good friends and fellow photographers:  Kathy Beal, Jim Bazin (too busy selling his beautiful prints to have a site), Ken Carl, and the famous Katie and David Parquet.  Nothing like taking photographs with your art sangha.

If you have time to drop by (and you live on Oahu), the show runs from September 10 – November 5 at the Honolulu International Country Club.  The opening reception is on September 10 from 6 – 9 PM and we’re allowed to invite our friends (if you’re reading this blog, you’re automatically a friend).



  1. Yippee! Great going Robin. Sorry that you’re going to miss the reception…see you next week!

  2. Jim Bazin said:

    Congratulations, Robin! It’s about time you got some of your beautiful images out there for the world to see. That’s a wonderful reflection image. Wish I had made it. Did you tone it, or did you go the Tungsten route? And you can keep your secrets, if you wish … šŸ™‚

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