Going to China tomorrow

Tomorrow I’m leaving for China.  I’m meeting a group to go on a Kwan Yin tour visiting temples and places of significance to the Boddhisatva of Compassion.  The group I’m meeting is from the San Francisco Zen Center and I’ll hook up with them tomorrow night at the Ocean Hotel in Shanghai. 

I may be posting stuff on my blog if we have an internet connections.  My friend, Kathy Beal, will be my travel buddy and we’re bringing cameras, laptops, extra batteries, and memory cards.  Here’s a link to Kathy’s blog as she’ll probably be better than me about this.

Here’s our itinerary and a map.

Day 1 (9/13): Leave Honolulu for Shanghai

Day 2 (9/14): Arrive Shanghai. Transfer to Ocean Hotel.

Day 3 (9/15): We do something easy, like visiting a garden or a temple,
perhaps Yuyuan or Lung Hwa Temple. We take evening flight to Huangshan,
staying the night at Tunxi.

Day 4 (9/16): We visit Tunxi in the morning, take the cable car up
Huangshan after lunch. Those who want to can hike up. We stay at the Xihai
Hotel at the top of the mountain.

Day 5 (9/17): We visit Huangshan, hike, rest. We can go off on our own
and meet for meals or at least for dinner. Xihai Hotel.

Day 6 (9/18): Cable car down Huangshan, bus to Hangzhou, where we might
visit one temple, maybe Jingci Temple (where Ru-Jing is buried).  Bus to Hangzhou to visit Jingei Temple.

Day 7 (9/19): Hangzhou–Tien Chu (upper, middle, and lower) Temples,
Lingyin Temple, cliff carvings, etc.

Day 8 (9/20): Hangzhou, continued.

Day 9 (9/21): Bus to Shaoxing (park, temple, Green Vine Study, Bazi Bridge,
Lu Xun’s former residence, a well-known Kwan Yin temple, and the Orchid Pavillion are possible places to visit).

Day 10 (9/22): Bus to Ningbo (3 important temples Baoguo, Ayuwang,(where the Head Cook that met Dogen came from) and Tiantong, (where Dogen was enlightened under Ru Jing) temples, hot springs, spend night at hot springs hotel).

Day 11 (9/23): Ningbo, finish the temple visits

Day 12 (9/24): We leave by boat from Ningbo to Putuo Shan, main Kwan Yin sacred place.

Day 13 (9/25): From Putuo Shan boat ride to Lo Chia, Kwan Yin’s birth place. visit temple there and return to Putuo Shan. For the next three days we will visit the three monastery-temples, shrines, grottos, walking and relaxing on beach.

Day 14 (9/26): Putuo Shan

Day 15 (9/27): Putuo Shan

Day 16 (9/28): Fly from Putuo Shan to Shanghai. This day and the next, we
can visit the Shanghai museum, the Bund, another temple, and have free time to shop.

Day 17 (9/29): Shanghai, cont.

Day 18 (9/30): Depart Shanghai.


  1. Jim Bazin said:

    Dear Robin,
    Enjoy the journey. Wish I could join you and Kathy. Granted, I wouldn’t add much to the spiritual experience, but I’d enjoy your company and bet I can still make you laugh!!!
    Congrats on your shows. You go, girl!!
    with love, Jim

  2. Rosa Say said:

    What a wonderful opportunity Robin! Can’t wait to see the pictures! Travel safely and drink up the richness of your days.

  3. Brian said:

    Aloha Robin,
    Welcome back! It looks and sounds like an incredible trip. You traveled further south than I did when I was in China, and it looks more attractive and photogenic than the places I went to: Hangshou, Xian, Bejing, and of course Shanghai. I’m glad you made it back safe and sound, you are sound aren’t you? I look forward to hearing about it in person.

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