Homeward Bound

I’m sitting in the Kansai Airport in Osaka waiting for the final leg of my trip, an eight hour flight home to Honolulu. I’ve got a three hour layover here which has been quite interesting. There are the usual duty free shops and other little places to eat and drink including Starbucks. I’ve gotten along without Starbucks so far so I’ll pass on that until I get home.

There’s a Refresh station here where you can take a shower, sleep, get a foot massage, a back massage or a combination. I opted for a forty minute combination and came out feeling energized.

This has been a trip of a lifetime. Traveling with thirty-one interesting and amazing women through very exotic (for us) parts of China. I haven’t made a blog entry largely due to sensory overload. I didn’t feel as though I had any energy left to focus on blogging.

Every moment seemed to be filled with sights, sounds, feelings, and tastes. My camera worked overtime and I was able to create more images than I ever have in that amount of time. Remembering a quote that I believe came from Julia Cameron, “Go for quantity and the quality will take care of itself.” I guess the thought is that if you make enough art, something is bound to work.

I spent every free moment working on my computer downloading, editing, cropping and enhancing. Images were so rich that it was almost too easy. I hope it wasn’t just something I imagined.

Beginning tomorrow, I’m going to try to share impressions of the trip. I’m terrible at remembering dates, times and places so I’ll just attempt to give a sense of the trip using images and words.


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