Back again–Kwan Yin

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything that I’ve avoided coming back.  I must admit that I missed this blog.

Journey to Kwan Yin is the name of my show of images taken in China.  It was a lot of work and I could not have done it without Kris.  I did the easy part – travelled to beautiful China, photographed a bunch of stuff and made some prints. Kris ordered the mats and frames and matted and framed and hung the show.  He purchased a fabulous European gallery hanging system that he found when we were in Vancouver, BC.

The opening reception was attended by my dearest family and friends.  I felt so grateful for their support…I even had the support of my friends on the mainland who helped me select the images for the show.  I can never forget the thirty-one women that went on the journey with me.  Although they didn’t make the show, there presense was felt by me.

Greg Johnson from Indigo Restaurant gave us a great deal on the dim sum.  We had my favorite gin doi with duck and apricot filling.  They also provided goat cheese won tons, vegetarian spring rolls and lumpia shrimp.  It was perfect. 

Roland Sugimoto, administrator of the Honolulu Diamond Sangha by day and keyboard player extraordinaire by evening provided music.  It added such a touch of class to the event. 

The show consisted of thirty-one images and it can be viewed on my website.  Here’s a link to the gallery:

Today was the last of the events.  We invited people to come for tea last Sunday and this Saturday and Sunday.  These were quiet times and I got to chat with the people that stopped in.  I loved that.  I served Dragon Well tea that I purchased in Huangzhou.



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