Email…it can be evil

I am an addict. I’ve always had an addictive personality and email has the best of me.  If I leave my computer on for the night and wake up to use the bathroom…I sneak off and check it. Yikes!  This is quite sick.  Here’s something from Merlin Mann at 43 folders.  It’s not earth shattering.  For me, it just helps to know that I am not alone.  Go for a few hours without email…I must try it. I know I’ll quickly see how little I miss by letting it go.

"The one-half tiny way? Well, if you’re feeling really ballsy, you could just just Quit for a few hours and, uh, just go work. Yeah, I know: your world would implode
if you had two hours without email. You’d be fired, jailed, or might
even miss that whole thread about lunch at Chili’s vs. Applebee’s.
Friend, someday you will actually hear yourself defending your email
addiction as a necessity, and it will seem very very weird to you. Bet
me on it."


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