On the way to China

It’s been such a whirlwind for us. We’ve been wicked, crazy, busy with work. Business has come back after a couple of pretty soft years. Kris and I have been going from job to job…mostly Maui and Kona. We did a couple of programs on Oahu which is always nice. We get to sleep in our own bed.

We did a lot of work with repeat clients and new clients. One job that stands out for me was a job at the El Conquistador in Tucson. I got to work with Dave and Alice Thomas who have always been friendly competitors. Dave and I go back to the 70’s. Yikes! We worked around the clock on a final night show. They taped a skit the client did and Dave edited a product that integrated the video clip into the still montage I normally do. I’ve been working on the road by myself so much that it was nice to be on a team…a caring, committed team.

After a show in Maui, I flew in to join a huge crew we put together for a program for Hewlett Packard at the Hilton Waikoloa. One day we had thirteen photographers running around shooting activites. In the evening we did couple photographs and printed them all that evening. It was a grueling day. Journey was the entertainment for the final night and I think they were awesome. The photos looked good.

I managed to get in a five-day sesshin (zen meditation retreat). It nearly killed me. Nothing like sitting to make you aware of how tired you are…not to mention a whole bunch of other things meditation reveals about yourself. In spite of all the pain I experience because I’m tired and out of shape, I learn more from doing this than anything. I’ve just got to do it. Nelson Foster is an amazing teacher.

Now I’m on my way to shoot a two-part program that begins in Beijing and ends in Hong Kong…two very busy cities. I love working with Tom and Debbie, my friends from Creative Group out of Chicago so I’m really looking forward to this. Kris will be meeting us in Hong Kong to help me with production. We’re doing a highlights show and burning DVD’s for everyone. They’re also getting these really beautiful linen photo albums for photos that we’ll print in Hong Kong. I was thrilled that they also purchased a set of my China note cards to give away as part of a room gift one night.

It was so hard to leave the doggies this morning. They just are experts at looking sad.

I realized that I’ve missed writing in my blog. I’m going back to it as often as I can. I was kind of grossed out because I started getting comment spam. Viagra comments…gross. Hopefully, I’ve been ignoring the blog long enough that the spam trolls have gone away. I don’t know how it works.


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