You gotta love this. 

"When I was four years old,
my mother used to bring me a cookie every time she came home from the
market. I always went to the front yard and took my time eating it,
sometimes half an hour or forty-five minutes for one cookie. I would
take a small bite and look up at the sky. Then I would touch the dog
with my feet and take another small bite. I just enjoyed being there,
with the sky, the earth, the bamboo thickets, the cat, the dog, the
flowers. I was able to do that because I did not have much to worry
about. I did not think of the future, I did not regret the past. I was
entirely in the present moment, with my cookie, the dog, the bamboo
thickets, the cat, and everything. It is possible to eat our meals as
slowly and joyfully as I ate the cookie of my childhood. Maybe you have
the impression that you have lost the cookie of your childhood, but I am
sure it is still there, somewhere in your heart. Everything is still
there, and if you really want it, you can find it. Eating mindfully is a
most important practice of meditation."

–Thich Nhat Hanh,
Peace Is Every Step

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