More life stuff

My life has changed so much since August 8.  My mom fell and fractured her hip.  That sounds like a pretty minor thing…fracture…nothing broken.  For an eighty-one year old woman with dimentia, it’s life threatening.  She was hospitalized and went downhill fast.  Hallucinated at night and was consumed with fear of pain.  That made recovery difficult.

The case worker was suggesting a nursing home in Kaneohe that would have killed her.  It’s an older place, but parked in the hallways and in the "lobby" were people who were catatonic.  My brother and I went to check it out and walked through the place trying to convince ourselves that it was going to be alright.  On the day before she was to be released, we met with the case worker.  I asked if she could check with the Rehab Hospital of the Pacific.  She had earlier thought my mom wouldn’t qualify as they only take short term patients who show signs of improvement and can handle three hours of physical therapy daily. 

My sister had been spending most nights at the hospital with mom and supervised her physical therapy sessions.  She really worked on encouraging mom.  I thought that mom could do it as her strength had improved.  The case worker called and Rehab had space and agreed to take her.  That was the best news – to me, it meant hope for continued quality of life for mom.

Through all this dad, sat with mom daily.  We were in the hospital for three weeks. 

Mom got home and had problems adjusting.  They say that patients with dimentia have problems with change – even though it was moving to the home she lived in for forty plus years.  It’s been rough going.  Dad’s legs were swelling and he refused to go to the hospital


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