One of the blogs I read is the TED blog.  The theme of their 2008 conference:  The Big Questions.

  • Who are We? (the extraordinary tale of homo sapiens…
    Answers provided by a paleontologist, a historian, an evolutionary
    psychologist and a story-teller.)
  • What is our place in the
    Universe? (answers from a theoretical physicist, an astronomer
    searching for extra-terrestrial life, a religious mystic and a humorist)
  • What is Art? — is beauty just a human invention? (an anthropologist, a painter, a sculptor, and a museum curator)
  • What is Love — and why are we so bad at it?  (a neurologist, a musician, a novelist, and a sex therapist)
  • What
    is Evil? — and how do we fight it? (a moral philosopher, a
    war-correspondent, a terrorism expert, and a human rights campaigner.)
  • What
    are the most Gorgeous New Things being created in our world? (an
    architect, a boat builder, a windmill designer, a photographer, and a
    marine biologist)
  • Are we inadvertently creating New Forms of
    Life? (an AI researcher, a Web 2.0 pundit, a biochemist, a
    meme-theorist, a nano-technologist, and a transhumanist)
  • What
    are today’s most significant Cultural Trends? (a fashion designer, a
    technology writer, a foreign correspondent, a video-game creator and an
  • What will the Future be like?  (a scenario planner, an inventor, an economist, and a science fiction author)
  • What are the Problems I should be most worried about? (an asteroid hunter, a climatologist, a psychiatrist, and a statistician).
  • Who will be the next President? (Yes, it’s 2008. We’ll invite the leading candidates)
  • What
    will be my Legacy? (a global business leader, an environmental
    designer, a billionaire philanthropist, a social entrepreneur and a

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