A new beginning

I’ve been thinking about blogging again.  I always knew I would come back to this.  Then it became an enormous task to come up with something great after such a long absence.  Then I realized that no one would be watching.  This is something I need to realize about a lot of things.

So I’m going to begin here.

We bought a cottage in Volcano Village on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We’ve vacationed there a lot and just love the way the new and old come together there.  The Volcano is errupting, but nearby the native trees and ferns flourish.  Invasive plants have not yet taken over and residents are very conscious of the precious gift they have.

Our cottage is on a half-acre lot and we bought the empty half-acre next to it.  It’s very cute, but needs a little work.  The bright red carpet has to go and we’ve got to find a place for the washer and dryer.  Currently, the washer is in the kitchen and the dryer is in the bedroom.  We loved that it’s landscaped with ohia trees and hapuu (fern).

Here’s a link to some photos:  http://www.eyeoftheislands.com/RLSGalleries/Volcano/index.html

Hopefully, we’ll be able to bring our dogs up here.  The airline rules are prohibitive for our old dogs and we think the Super Ferry will be a kinder, gentler way for them to travel.  They are having problems getting their Maui route through.  Maybe they’ll do Kona first instead.

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  1. Congratulations on making your Volcano purchase Robin – it looks like such a wonderful retreat. Welcome to the Big Island! – and back to blogging; I’ve missed you 🙂

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