I am a total geek – gadget girl (I’ve been called).  While I didn’t stand in line at the Apple Store, I definitely looked forward to the iPhone’s appearance in the world.  Since we hadn’t hear anything terrible about it(other than the 300 page itemized phone bill), Kris let me get one of the little guys.  It’s interface is very, very pretty and I love that it syncs seamlessly with iCal and Address Book. 

There are some things that weren’t well thought out.  It doesn’t have a task program.  Although to-dos are integrated into the iCal program, there is not way to sync the to-do list.  I suspect it may be coming, but couldn’t believe that it wasn’t built in.

One of my heroes is John Maeda.  He wrote a post on the iPhone that expresses my feelings exactly.  This is from his blog, Maeda’s Simplicity.  Check out his book on Simplicity, too.

"High Heels iPhone

I switched to an iPhone
48 hours ago. The software on it feels unfinished in many dimensions,
but I do appreciate the ambitious approaches that it introduces like
the multi-touch and the integration of its various features. Perhaps my
biggest lament comes from when trying to type on the little bugger.
Everyone I know that owns one of these still hasn’t mastered the art of
typing on the iPhone so spelling errors abound in these users. Thus
composing messages on the iPhone is a little like why women might
choose to wear high heels — it’s sexy looking but terribly difficult
to actually walk around."

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