First knitting project

I started knitting a few months ago.  In keeping with my addictive personality, I’m obsessed and addicted with knitting.  Carrying a project with me everywhere I go is what I do now.  Yikes.

My great friend, Sandy Langer, has been knitting for a while now.  Her collection of knitted, felted and stuffed animals is amazing.  Until I saw what Sandy did, I associated knitting with something you did with acrylic yarn from craft stores.  When we visited Iceland last year, the yarns I found were luscious and beautiful – hand-dyed in gorgeous colors.  I brought some back for her never thinking about knitting myself.

In May, I was on a job on a Caribbean Cruise.  One of the women, Renee Regan, was knitting away whenever the group met and was waiting for something to happen.  You know how it is when you travel in groups.  People never arrive at the same time for the group to head out.  I thought knitting was for people who lived in cold climates.  This is something I’ve found to be completely untrue!  Renee told me about ribbon yarn for warm weather scarves. 

When I got home Sandy, helped me get started and sent me to Aloha Yarn in Kaneohe.  It’s dangerous that there is a great yarn store five minutes from my home.  I purchased some washable wool in blue with flecks of green made by Cascade Yarns.  Nanea, who owns Aloha Yarn showed me how to do the seed stick for the scarf and I was off and running.

Here’s a photo of my first finished project. 


This is going to be a gift for a friend.
Seed Stick scarf:
CO 35 stitches
Row 1:  K1, P1 repeat
Row 2:  P1, K1 repeat
Repeat rows 1 & 2 to desired length

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  1. eugene said:

    Did you buy a rocking chair for your knitting!

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