Hotel Lanai

A friend of mine purchased the Hotel Lanai on Lanai.  It’s an old style wood building with eleven rooms.  Hotel Lanai has always been my favorite place to stay.  Four Seasons Manele and the Lodge at Koele are very nice, but Hotel Lanai is what Lanai is all about – small, quaint.


We stayed on Lanai for a couple of days to photograph some sights for notecards that will be given away to guests at the grand opening.  We could have used more time, but we can’t be away from our dogs for a long time.  Latte’s ears are infected and need constant vigilance.  We made the best of it and got some great shots.  Here’s a link to the gallery:

I’ll properly label the photos later. 

  1. eugene said:

    wow, for a minute, I thought that it was a photo of your place in volcano

  2. John Sevick said:

    Aloha — Glad to know this is in the hands of friends. Once I stayed in the end of the “U”, cute room with delightful front porch/lanai. Is the restaurant still good as ten years ago? John

  3. Mokihana said:

    What a lovely photo.. I would like to go there for at least a month!

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