Scarf for skiing

I loved working with the Plymouth Tweed so much that it was my choice to make another version of the scarf for a special person.



Here’s the pattern: 


Cast on 40

Row 1 & 3:  K4, P4, Repeat to end of row

Row 2:  P4, K4, Repeat to end of row

Row 4:  Knit
Repeat until desired length


1 comment
  1. Lynn said:

    I just finished and sent to France to my mother a shawl in Noro Furin yarn – very similar to yours, in Turquoise and coral hues.Each color brought its own emotion and reaction as I knit.Amazing.
    I felt so sad to have finished it had to and buy a few more skeins of Noro yarn to knit a little scarf for myself!

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