Ring in the Rubble

Today I photographed Gary Bradt, a motivational speaker and was touched by some of the things he talked about.  I am constantly amazed at how consistent so many wise people that speak the truth are.  Or is it that their truth resonates with me?

He had the group do an exercise that I thought was both interesting and powerful.  He asked us to think of a young person that we care deeply about.  Then pretend that you had two minutes to write the most important thing for that person to know.  You were never going to be your last words to this person.  This exercise certainly made an impact on me.

He used chairs to illustrate the stuff that we hang on to.  He put a chair on his back to illustrate the way we carry resentments from the past and worry about the future.  Then with one chair in each hand, he demonstrated how this ties up both hands from reaching out for the good stuff that comes along. 

His book is "The Ring in the Rubble" and I haven’t read it yet.


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