Hawaiian Style Cafe – Waimea

On Saturday I had a morning free in Kona.  I’ve been wanting to check out the Waimea Farmer’s Market.  It opens at 6 AM and I got a fairly early start.  When I got there it was drizzling and cold – partly because I wasn’t dressed for the weather.  After taking a quick look around, I purchased Big Island goat cheese that was very fresh and some Hawaiian ear drop remedy.  My Latte has chronic ear problems and I’m always looking for a treatment that will work.

I headed off to the Hawaiian Style Cafe to warm up and fill up.  Service is really….really slow there.  In fact, when you are given your menu, ask for coffee right away.  That way you can get some before withdrawal fully kicks in.  The portions are gigantic there.  They have three egg omelettes that are huge.  I’m not sure what kind of eggs they use as chicken eggs never produce that much quantity.  I like to order the real local offerings…the stuff you can’t get unless you cook it yourself at home.  Here, they have stew luau on the menu…a huge bowl for $7.50.  Stew luau consists of the leaves of the taro plant stewed for hours with chunks of beef.  A little chili pepper water in it makes it perfect for a cool morning in Waimea.  Yum!


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