My birthday today

Yep…it’s my birthday today.  55 years old.  Well into the second half of my life.  Yikes!

Haku (our boxer) and Latte (our older cocker spaniel) are spending a day at the vet.  Haku had to have surgery and Latte is in for major amounts of senior testing and ear cleaning.  Kris (my hubby) is sick as a dog and probably should be with them.  He coughed all night and has extreme loss of color. 

I dropped the two off at the vet and then got to shop at Aloha Yarn.  I purchased many skeins of yummy yarn…just one skein of each to be knitted up and played with.  I have become a truly sick puppy.  Then I stopped at Borders where I purchased two books on knitting that I’ve been wanting:  YarnPlay and Natural Knitter


Now I think I’ll join Kris in bed…he can rest and I’ll read my books or play with my yarn.  Yum….Happy Birthday!!

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  1. Dave said:

    Happy Birthday Ole’ Lady!!! I still remember when we first met, you were a salesperson at one of the camera shops and Jill N. was trying to “fix us up”. We’ve sure come a long way since then … many great memories over the years with Gene, Wayne, Sandy, Julie, Gary, Eugene, David, etc., etc. Need to get together again soon to make much more.

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